Guidelines for Medicine and Allied FCPS-1 (FCPS Success Series – FREE Online Qbank)

  1. Many people would tell you FCPS – 1 is by chance and by luck….but that’s not the sole thing guys. First thing and very important is self belief on your ability. if u can clear your profs in good grades u can do anything. Just a bit of right guidance and positive thinking with hard work would make it for you. No doubt luck and prayers count in every exam but that not the sole thing. You have to work hard, clear your concept and then rely on luck and prayers.
  2. FCPS – 1 prep better to do group study and this forum FCPS Success Series provides best platform to all of you. Do chapter wise MCQs and discuss them with your friends colleagues and seniors. Never rely blindly on any person unless you are satisfied with reference or explanation because all here are same students like you and can error.
  3. Regarding books there are many files here suggesting books..pick the one which suits u best but do maximum mcqs to clear your concept. and never try to rattafy the answer of key because u would never remember that. Always try to get the basic point asked or hidden in mcq which cant be done alone…so again group discussion becomes handy there.
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Good Luck.
Remember in Prayers.
Farhad Hussain Author FCPS Success Series